About elevation

We are a group of hard-charging, innately curious, out-of-the-box thinking, big idea generating, good is not good enough new product development pros. Our two principals have over 50 years of collective experience, leading a stable of kick-ass resources covering every facet of new product development and launch.

We specialize in bankable innovation. Not just quality work. But breakthrough
direction that creates tangible $’s for the clients we serve.



1 thought on “About elevation

  1. Hi there,
    I use PlayDoh in all my seminar presentations and workshops! It’s a great introduction to the fact that smells are directly linked to memories and emotions. This is one of my “Secrets of Sensory Branding”.
    Sometimes thinking inside the box – looking for the tangible attributes we can design into innovation – is what builds amazing customer experiences for truly powerful brands….
    Great blog, thanks, Simon

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