Frankenstein Your Innovation

Is the mad scientist really mad? Not when it comes to innovation.  Because one powerfully effective path to success is to create a monster.

Or for that matter, several monsters. Just to see which version truly gets the intended rise out of the villagers.

By way of explanation: one of the most successful entrepreneurs we’ve worked with was a big believer in experimentation as the most effective means to successful innovation.  It all started with down and dirty experimentation and a whole lot of it. Trying out lots and lots of product concepts in highly informal, grassroots settings.  This meant building a variety of functioning prototypes in all states of being.  And then experimenting on consumers in real life settings to get true gut reactions.   In the end, he sold his household cleaning products company for over $300 million in cash.

Why did this “Frankenstein” approach work? 1) Trying real products in real settings forces consumers into a true gut reaction – they either love your product or they don’t, 2) you get incredibly vivid feedback to evolve your ideas – far beyond the surface level, and 3) it is faster and cheaper than conventional R & D methods.  Plus, let’s face it.  If you throw enough darts at the wall, a few are bound to stick.

So if you want to fast track your innovation, get crazy and create a few monsters. It’s downright scary how well it works.


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