The Holy Grail in Innovation

Holy GrailWant to get on the fast track to mediocrity and short-changing your new products?  Just compare yourself to your competitors.  Be a copycat.  Look to slightly one up a few key features.    Look to be just a tiny bit better (or cheaper) and what’s your reward?  A slightly better shade of mediocrity.

Instead, what we should all strive for something that’s more elusive, harder to find, yet worth the journey.  You won’t find it in competitive benchmarking.  You won’t find it in mere feature one-upmanship.  Rather, we should all be striving for the bigger idea.  The rule breaker.  The unheard of.  The “did they just do that?”

If you really want to innovate, that’s the Holy Grail we should all be romping through the forest and searching for.